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help me! big time crush on the enemy

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I have been in the same church with this guy. However we use to be enemy once small. Now we don't even talk and i know he dislikes me. One day i suddenly find myself hots for him. Since then i found myself admiring him as he is smart, witty, good and everything. I really am into him but so are many gals. I wanna talk to him and be his gf but then i think he still dislike me. Another thing is everytime i am near him i just like have a mind blackout and start acting dumb. I really really like this guy. Help me to make him like me? any advice

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You really want him? Or you want him because he is a forbidden fruit? Anyway, if you want to be his g/f? Easy. The next time you are around him, make sure that you bend down enough so he can accidentally see your breasts. Do that a few time and when you bend down again let him see your nice ass ... Then when he comes to talk to you, ... now, this is very important. When he comes to talk to you, you act as if he is still your enemy. Yes, talk to him but not overly eager. If a man chases after you, you would be valued. If you just spread your legs and let him come in, you are nothing but a cheap screw, ... as far as a man sees it. Get it?

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Ahh...love truimphs over hate . Why did you hate him in the first place? Was it something that you did or him? Well, I think you should talk to him like he's still your enemy and then gradualy start being nice to him. If you were just nice to him all of a sudden he would become curious to what you're up to.

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