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How the mind becomes your prison


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Dear Reader,


a little about your mind , a little about your thoughts is all you need

to put yourself in a hole of never ending doubt.

how it makes you feel less , how it makes you feel incomplete and how your mind

rips the very chord out of you.

self doubt ,suicide and dropping down to your own floor , never wanting to get up again.

These are my demons , these thoughts holding me back theses dark days in a mind which is a dark sky

that never seems to lighten up.

How there would be a wish of just clearing it all, if it was only possible to turn a switch off in a mind

strangling your very YOU and telling you how you will fail...


This YOU is a mind of self doubt and restriction on possible freedom of becoming more

but it makes you rip every happy , every luck and replace it with shroud and self conflict.


How i would wish to find another to see thru this non stop darkness...

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