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When you Love


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When you love,

It's not so important where you are -

In Moscow or Paris.

Both Kiev and Los Angeles

are just forms

into which you pour the contents: Love.

This is not a function, but a feeling.

The form that is realized through logic,

Along with the contents realized through Love,

Pouring into the world as feelings,

Transforms chaos into Love and Harmony

Love, the rest will come.

Or, to be more precise, will reveal.

What else should one aspire for?

The World is revealed through Love,

Because God is Love.



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Talking with Woman about Man's Freedom

- When man says he wants freedom, what does he mean?


It depends on his level of consciousness.

Consciousness level determines definition of freedom.

However, man's freedom is always about stepping away from responsibility.


- But this is at low consciousness level. What about a Man with upscale Consciousness?


Freedom of Jesus - is Freedom of Divinity.

Freedom of Buddha - is absense of aspiration to freedom, because he doesn't have anything else.

Because both Jesus and Buddha know that Freedom is endless Responsibility for Life.

Responsibility of Love.

Because both Jesus and Buddha know there is no Life without Love.

Because Man of awareness will never aspire for freedom.

By this you can distinguish.


( Freeway 405, Los Angeles-San Diego)



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