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Advice needed for dating


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Hi so in mid January I met a guy online, we chatted as friends at first because I had a boyfriend at the time whom i was in a relatively unhappy relationship with. Further down the line we got to know each other more and he was kind, funny, good looking, everything I would want. I broke it off with my current boyfriend, not just because of the new guy, but because I wasn't happy, and this guy did make me feel happy. So we went on a couple of dates (he lives about an hour from me so I went to visit him) and everything went so well. We clicked, had a great time, got to know each other probsbly too well! We ended up going to his one afternoon and having sex which also went great, nothing awkward, etc. Our last date, we had a full day out followed by staying in a hotel, that all went really well. Then a few days later I went out and put a deposit on a flight to Australia in the summer, because it's something I've always wanted to do, and he knew that. But ever since I told him, he's been really off with me, giving me one word answers over text, not being his usual self, ignoring my messages and not even messaging me at all really. He says there's nothing up with him when I ask, but I know there is.. Is it him or me? Have I done the wrong thing by going away for 5 weeks at the end of July? He never told me he wanted something more. Now, he usually rings me everyday on his lunch at work, but today I've not even had a message at all and I'm feeling pretty down because I'm not sure where I stand. What do I do??



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Maybe he's just busy or something. I'd let it go for a while and let him text you; could be that his interest is cooling off, or he is upset about the trip. That being said, I don't think you did the wrong thing. You just met, you're not official, he has no claim on what you do (nor should he even be much of a consideration at this point). Five weeks sounds like a really long time, but it's not--you can Skype or whatsapp or text and tell each other all your adventures.

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