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I'm a chik & need tips on makin the 1st move..

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I'm 14 and my boyfriend just turned 17. We've been together for a while now but he still hasn't kissed me. He's always flirting with me and like doing all these things to make me think he's about to kiss me. But he suddenly backs out on me and starts getting nervous and shy. Then I have to chill and we talk about the movies or nintendo He pecked me once, butthen he turned really red. !!!!! This guy is so hot, I can't understand the problem! I really want to kiss him. But I don't want say anything that he'll take the wrong way. Basically, I just need tips on how a girl (me) can make the first move a guy (my boyfriend). First move meaning a sexy kiss. Please help!



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You need to be aware of the insecurities of others. You're both young, and evidently inexperienced at the love game. If you dont think that you can bring yourself to just planting one on him, and flat out ask him if he wants to kiss you. Or tell him that you want to kiss him.


Honestly is the best policy. Keep it clean and have funn kiddo.

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