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I don't know what to do... HELP!!

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Well, I'm 14 there is this guy that I really like and he knows that I like him a lot. He says he thinks I'm pretty sweet and he said he'd come talk to me but not to be mad if he didn't because he's kinda shy. My friends have been telling me that they think he likes me. He told ALL of his friends who I am and they all make a big deal about it. If I walk by, they point me out and stuff and it seems like everyone knows. I see him look at me all the time, and if he's with his friends and I walk by... they all just kinda stop and watch me. He is friends with my best friend's brother and was at her house a while ago. She picked up the phone to call me and this guy asked her who she was calling. She told him she was calling me and he went all red and apparently started to giggle a bit and his friend called me his crush. I kinda get the feeling he might like me but I'm not sure... what do you guys think? I am normally pretty... loud you could say but I get really shy around him and I'm a bit scared to talk to him. I need your advice! ~Laura~

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R U BLIND????? of course he likes u. When a guy gives theses types of signs, hes deff into you. I meanthe friends thing is a dead give away. I kno wen Im wieth my friends and my "crush" walks by we all stop and are quiet all of a sudden, because either we are about to laugh, or b/c we were just talkin about how cute he is. SO maybe him and his friends are sitting there talking about you, in a good way of course,a dn they cant let you hear them. Drop some subtle hints thsat u are interested, adn maybe have a friend tell his friends that u are interested.

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