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I don't get it...how many ppl have you ppl kissed?(anonymous question)

I mean, once you meet the right person for you, the person that you eventualy marry, then kissing them isn't going to be as special of an experiance then if you wouldn't have kissed all those other ppl. Anyone know what i mean or feel the same way?

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Not quite sure where you are going with that.


I can't imagine that you are saying we can't kiss someone until we are married?


Or that by kissing 100 members of the opposite sex, we are somehow more equipped to kiss our spouse?


We are equipped to kiss, and in some countries people kiss on the cheek with mere equaintances.


What do you think of your own question? For me 5 is the answer to almost all questions...is 5 a good anwser in this case?

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