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bleeding during sex

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I defiinitely know I have reason to be concerned. What I don't know is qhat it could be from. Here's the deal:

The past two times I've had sex, I experienced a lot of abnormal bleeding. This wasn't my first time; I've had sex 5 or 6 times before this. At first I thought it was just maybe due to being on the tail end of my period (5th day, usually lasts about 5 days or is really minimal after that), but apparently it was even worse the second time. Doing online research has been scaring me quite a lot, to be frank. There shouldn't be a possibility of an STD because he jhust got tested for everything no more then a week ago and everything came back normal. Doctor's visits are complicated; my dad's a doctor and hemost definitely does not and cannot know about my having sex, and unfortunately doctor's are probably going to require my medical records to see me, which means going through his office. Can anyone help?

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You definitely need to see a doctor...even if that means your parents finding out. I mean, think of it this way...what's the worst that can happen if they find out? They'll yell, right? Well, what if there's something seriously wrong with you and you don't go to a doctor? You could get seriously ill and maybe even worse! It may well be nothing, but it also may well be SOMETHING!


Being mature enough to have sex means being mature enough to handle the consequences. Stop playing around with your health and get yourself to a doctor!

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I used to get bleeding sometimes after sex when i think he was hitting my cervix. I believe this was the reason as when we had sex in a position where he could penetrate me deeper itwould sometimes cause a sharp pain which i was told was him hitting my cervix, he was quite well endowed. Did u expereince any pain during sex? If so maybe try a position where penertration isnt as deep eg missionary and then see if u experinence bleeding afterwards.

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