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A PRAYER...............


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Down on my knees sunken to a grave

What image has the Lord given for one so shy and low?

tomorrow wallows far from sunken dreams

I want to believe you but

what good is a pretty face without a reflection of hope?

I dont know how I feel so solemn and alone without

a flame to hold in my heart

I loose faith

My tired eyes have seen the last bit of love for

ones heart cannot be broken to a smile

I lay here begging for an answer wishing for a truth

But what good has pity done

nothing more than a lie to drown my tears for loss

My lips long for a love

My eyes tear for a touch

I tremble to a fate of lonliness and

so I plea to pity a soul so faithful and true

and bring a love so tender and true

to a heart to fearful and blue.

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