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I'm pretty sure this is nothing, but...

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Well I'm just curious, but could there be something more to this? One of my good friends (a girl) and I were talking online about what we each do for christmas. Well, I told her how my family and I usually do some xmas pictures for family and friends, and out of the blue, she asks me for one of my pictures. So I send her one online, and then she tells me I look pretty good (even hansome) in the picture. Now as said, I'm pretty sure this is nothing, but could there be something else in what she said ?

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Hmm, that would be interesting , thing is, my sis took the picture , but I have been trying to find her online again to see if we could do an xmas exchange (since I gave her my pic, she could give me one of her 8) ) Thanks for the further posts guys, and happy holidays to all of you.

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