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Lonely! Where's my bf?

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Hullo everybody---Tis Christmas Eve and like many of you, I am alone. My boyfriend hasn't called all day and I'm pretty sure he's off at Church right now. I'm feeling so lonely! I know I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight, and I really just want to go out and see him. I saw him a few days ago, but we never made specific plans to meet again. He told me he'd have my present ready for today (very sweet) but I haven't heard from him! I've got a few things to give him, too... (Christmas kisses!)


I could call him, though like I said, I'm pretty sure he's not home...and also, I'd feel really awkward because I'm always the one who calls him, even when he suggests we get together. (I feel like if I don't call, he won't follow up on it for whatever reason). I guess I'm going to just sit around and wait...


Merry Christmas everybody!

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Thank you both for your replies. Yes...I should stop worrying and be optimistic. Easier said than done.


ksk0_0 --Thats too bad I hope you don't drive yourself crazy missing her. At least you know its quite impossible to be with her right now, whereas with me, I *could* be with him...

Bah. Where's my Christmas spirit gone off to?

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Thank you Caldus. You're right -- I'll see him soon enough!


What am I donig complaining, anyway? I have an amazing boyfriend who has changed my life in so many ways... I should be thinking about how lucky I am. I only wish he was here... But hey, you can't have it all.


Happy Christmas!

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No, actually, I was just saying that it isn't so bad at all...


I'm sorry to hear that -- you're right, it sounds like you do have it alot worse than I do...though I feel the need to point out that knowing someone else is worse off isn't exactly going to make me feel better. Thanks anyway...

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