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breast surgery and plastic surgery in general

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I wonder what people's opinions about breast surgery and plastic surgery in general is. I am mostly curious about breast reduction, which I probably will need at some point. Just curious if people have had them do they notice a big difference, and for how long after surgery do you notice the pain or any other changes.


Do they grow or sag again later? If so how long does it take before they need to be redone.


I am pretty athletic, and I have been running at night to keep from being embarraced by the movement of my breasts while running.


I also like to swim a lot, but I have noticed that the breasts are starting to sag a little in my swimming suit. Any suggestions?

Cute Icons, by the way!! 8)

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sister -


I had the opposite problem, NOTHING on top...but the healing time is about the same....6 weeks to FULL recovery...two to three where you can be relatively active again.


Your breasts won't grow back after a reduction, they only grow due to the hormones of puberty, then that hormone is shut off...


With a reduction, you are retaining all naural tissue, so yes, if they arent properly supported, they can, with age, sag...but that is where the properly fitting bra comes in.


Surgery or not....you may want to go to a higher end retail store or a store that is specifically for women's undergarments and get a proper fitting done. It sounds as if, esp with your sports bra it doesnt hold you correctly...(do you even wear a specifically designed sports bra when running?)


There are also swimsuits designed for fuller chested women...and again, you may need to pay more for one, but purchasing a properly fitting suit at a store specifically tailored to helping a woman find the correct one...will do you wonders.

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I really don't like the idea of plastic surgery to make a womens breat larger (since everyone should be happy with what they got) but I don't see the harm in getting a reduction if necessary. My sister had a reduction done years ago, because a few doctors told her that she would suffer a large amount of back pain as she got older due to her porpotion.


She did notice a big difference, I didn't really pay attention (I don't look at my sister and see how big she is) but I did notice that her posture was getting better. She said the pain lasted for only about a month, but it didn't really interfier with her life. The only other thing that she said was a problem were the scars left afterwards. She used some Coco butter and vitamin E oil to help get rid of those, and so far she has said everything is fine. Her surgery was about 5 years ago in case you wanted to know.


As far as the sagging and stuff, I agree with ticklebug on needing something to properly support you. During HS my sister had that same problem because she was on the swim team and was going to get a scholarship to a College for it. She ended up needing to buy a properly fitting swimsuit and sports bra for her training and because she was having the same problems as you.


Hope everything goes well for you.

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Thanks for the answers. I was once sized as a 38 DDD, I now feel comortable in a 40 DD, but they just aren't as cute as they used to be...I don't want to have scars, and I am not sure how I will feel about them after. I don't have the greatest health insurance right now, so, I will probably put that one off until I get a full time job, what ever that may be.


Buy the way, I was a 36 B/C before I had my son, but that was almost 10 years ago, and I haven't lost the weight that I gained (completely). I got close about 18 mos ago, but since then I haven't had the time to exercise like I should, and the fat is returning, which I hate...Enough of my ranting...

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Well, let me just say that if your planning to get breast reduction surgery then it is always better to get it earlier than later. For instance my grandmother of 66 years when she got the surgery had a very hard time healing as opposed to a woman of your age. It is always better to be young when you get surgery done.

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sister, something else to consider...unless you have a dr call it a medical problem...it's still cosmetic surgery and there is a chance your insurance won't cover it. So you may want to look into that and if it isn't convered...work with your doctor to find a way around it.


You also have to shop around for surgeons...there are several different methods out there and you have to explore what is best for you..quite a few don't leave scars as technology in this matter advances every day.


just because you feel "comfortable" in a 40DD doesn't mean it's the right size for you. comfort and fit are two different things. GO get yourself measured...you may be surprised...A LOT of women get their size wrong.

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A girl I knew from highschool had breast reduction surgery a few years ago, because she was starting to experience back problems. I saw her about a year or two ago and there was a noticeable difference. I don't know the specifics of how much of a reduction she had, but it was noticeable (it was at least one cup size, probobly more), but the it is noticeable when you see the girl who was known, at least partially, as being "the girl with the big breasts" (forgive me, it was sophomore year of highschool), and she no longer has big breasts anymore.


As far as my opinions on plastic surgery, i agree with the person who said people should work with what they got. All the same, i don't think there's anything wrong with reduction surgery, its not artificial like an augmentation, and it can be medically beneficial for someone to have it done.


Thats just my opinions, i'm no breast expert .


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sister, something else to consider...unless you have a dr call it a medical problem...it's still cosmetic surgery and there is a chance your insurance won't cover it. So you may want to look into that and if it isn't convered...work with your doctor to find a way around it.


I think thats how my sister got around things as well. I don't know how our insurance was back then (I was in JH and didn't pay attention to stuff like that) but I know that she got some doctors to say that it was unhealthy for her to be the size that she was, and that the reason why her lower back was hurting so much was also due to this problem. They put a report together saying this stuff, and saying that if she didn't get a reduction soon she will be left with permanent back pain and a possible "hunch" in her spine from it. As I said though, I was young and didn't pay attention to all this so I don't know if this was the way they got it done or not, but it is something to consider.

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I am probably just complaining to complain.


I have always been self conscious of the way that I look, and a couple of years ago, I lost a lot of weight, and I felt really good. Now I have slipped into bad habbits again, and I am looking for a way out.


Just tired of the same old, same old...looking for attention, etc...

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I am 48.5 and planning on getting a breast augmentation surgery (once I've saved enuf pennies..that is).


I just have small breasts, but husband likes them anyway. But he'll also very much like after I've gotten the surgery. ;-), he said.


So, I'm also very athletic. When I practiced Taekwon-Do, it was the most intense workout I endured, even harder than running. I wore a regular bra with no padding, then a sports bra over that. Trust me you're jumping and running and drilling in this highly cardio activity. When I run, I do the same thing. I don't know if this would be bothersome for you, but other women I know of also wore the same thing. When you have a small chest though, you don't have to worry as much about pain from bouncing. Just a little, as everyone still needs support no matter what.


If you don't want reduction, then don't get it. One lady who teaches at the gym I go to said she used to be an E. Then she had 2 children (she's only 28 now), and her breasts sagged terribly so that she said you could just roll them up. She first had an uplift, which left two scars vertically at bottoms of breasts up to the areola(she described where the scars are). Then she had an augmentation, and she says she feels normal. She mentioned that it gets weighty though, and I haven't seen classes where she teaches hard jumping kickboxing or cardio any more, just toning classes.


My own surgery won't leave me any larger than a CD, something like that. Not too large 'cause I just want to fit my clothes and look good in my old age.



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Oh and another thing: I just recently read in 'Fitness Magazine', I think it was Fitness, that a breast reduction can be good in that it lowers chances for breast cancer. If you don't have a family history, though, of breast cancer, it's less likely that you'll ever get it. But since reductions remove breast tissue which can be affected, chances are less.


It would be good to discuss everything with a doctor you trust, as too many out there are in it to make millions$$$$.



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It is interesting, one time I asked a doctor about it, this was a while ago, and he said if you have them you don't want them if you don't have them then you want them...I kind of feel it is that way with guys too, if their gf has nice breasts then they dream about girls with out big breasts, if their gf has small ones, then they dream about big ones, it is always the opposite of what you are used to that you are the most curious about...


I probably just need to loose weight... Maybe if I tell everyone that is what I am going to do in May I can say I have lost X lbs...just hoping!

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I guess this can be true. Oops, sorry if I talk to forthright about this. I'm training in the medical field as a med. language specialist so details about physical body parts don't affect me as personaly they do others.


Also, doctor told me that yep, when you gain weight, you gain size in breasts, when losing weight you lose size.



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