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Fiancee break N/C after 3 weeks..Confused..

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After breaking up 4 years relationship I go in N/C phase with my fiancee,,It was really hard for me and depressed condistion ,, but enotalone.com helped me alot and my family supports me to maintain myself..

Yesterday night 11:00 pm i was watchin scare tactics on TV i got call on my cell phone,,and I got shocked after looking my caller ID i didnt picked up my cell phone then after minutes I got call on my home phone i didnt pick up and then again she called me on my cell phone also didnt picked up.. like after thinking 3 minutes I called her back and here is the communication,,



she ... hey

me .. how r u ?

she,, i am fine..

me.. Is everything OK .. u called me..I coulnt picked up my phone bcoz I was in restroom..

she.. aaooo..yeah I just wondering that its been 3 weeks we didnt talk..

me... OH ic..

she.. did you register for class for college..

me .. I did...

she..how many..

me ... only 1 class..bcoz of job..

me.. how your work going.?

she..yeah its going fine I might have to work on friday chrismas eve night also bcoz they are soo busy..

me ..OH

she... hows your MOM and DAD..

me ... they are fine..

me ... I need to go now..

she .. ohh ok..

me .. bye

she... bye..


She was really polite and calm and me too..


I am confused what she wants?? is my N/C works?? or should i keep in NC condition with her.. ?


thanks for everybody helped for that on this site..



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Thanks for reply hockeyboy..


No,, i just want to minimize the communication,, just want to show her that I am good without you..Yeah I am trying to play the rules.. but I am just confused that why she called me after 3 weeks.. Is she just checking me that what I am doing and feeling..or something else..

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