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How to flirt on the phone.


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When ever I call here this happeneds...

m = me ; h = her


m: sup

h: sup

m: what u doin?

h: notin, watchin tv

h: what u doin??

m: same..

h: what u watching

m: just flipping the channels


m: what u do today?

h: whent out side/was at friends house..


h: im tired

m: me too

h: ok ima go to bed call me tomorow


what should i say to spice it up???


i always call her after 9 l0l0l!!! cus it free, and when i call during the day she says call at nite cus it free for her too l0l0l, we r cheep


i think i should just give u some backround

we r both in HS and i have her in one of m y class's

she is kinda quite i hang with her friends alot. im pretty sure she likes me.


looks through some of my posts to know more about her lloll

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..dont assume she likes you, she just might be being very friendly. and to spice it up, play a game with her on the phone like .. Ask her a question about her and make her ask you a question about yourself. This game can go on for hours and its quite fun to learn about the other person if your interested in them. and also if you ask them what they did today and such, put more detail in it like, "so what did you do at your friends house" or "whos your friend" and etc. hope that helps .

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hi Incredible.. you will probably agree with me when i say your phone chats come off a little stilted and uninspired. If you are genuinely interested in her, it should come through in your conversation with her. Next time you're on the phone, play a game with yourself and refuse to ask any questions you asked her in the previous conversation. Challenge yourself to not talk about the weather or how her day was.


Instead ask her open-ended questions.. stuff that doesn't just requre a Yes or No answer. If something funny or interesting happened to you in the last week, tell her about it and get her feedback. Make a short story out of it and find a way to relate it to her, so she feels like she's got the inside scoop on a certain part of your life.


I admit: I hate talking on the phone with girls. But out of necessity i've learned to pull myself through 5-10 minute phone chats quite well.. and go even longer if i have to. My own rule is to always jump on any chance to learn more about the girl. The more you learn about her, the more ammo you have for extended, fun conversations.

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An old trick you can use when on the phone is to write down some interesting things to talk about on a notepad or something, just anything to refer to in case your mind goes blank. The good thing is, she can't see you reading off of it. I even still use that and it definitely helps extend the conversation. That way you are well prepared if you don't have anyhing to say. Of course, it's natural that some new and witty things will eventually come to mind while talking too.

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