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Chris Ryan's extreme series confusion. (spoilers)


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I read books, plenty of books and I've enjoyed every single one. However it has now come to end.


I've also read all of Chris Ryan's work too, including the extreme series. There are spoilers underneath.


In the first book of the series Joe Gardner who is the main ex sas main character heads overseas to help his sas pal John Bald out of a bad situation. Turns out another friend is with him, Dave Hands.


Dave and John end up being drug smugglers and turn again our hero Joe. Dave dies early on and about half way through the book our hero watches the Russian mafia pump dozens up dozens of rounds into John using F2000 rifles. He is clearly dead, wasted, gone, a corpse, mutilated. Our hero even goes to the body notices that he can't even be more dead.


Then at the end of the book somehow Dave returns from the dead and kills our hero's love interest. And the second book of the series guess who the main good guy is? Bearing in mind it is a direct and offical sequel. Well the goody is actually John Bald, the guy that gets completely wasted.


Now before someone says maybe it wasn't him, I highly doubt our hero failed to recognise a double or something of his best friend. His actions and words prove it was him.



So I've lost all respect for Chris Ryan for doing something that seems supernatural in these latest books.

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