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Does she like me or what?

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Hi, just before xmas i asked this girl out, who i was crazy about. Neway, the first time i asked her out she blushed, smiled and said "i dont know what im doing on friday", so a couple of days later i asked her again and this time she said no. However i believe that she isnt allowed to date till she finishes her exams, so iam told. Also i noticed that she tries to avoid me, even after 6months of asking her out, and when i wished her good luck in the exam the other day she stood there and smiled at me, but did not reply. I confused, perhaps she likes me, bc she was smiling and blushin when i spoke to her, but the reason she avoids me is bc she feels difficult bc she isnt allowed to date, or on the other hand she might not like me at all. I would apprechiate ne responces, Thanks

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well... that is a hard one... have you taked to her friends... do her friends like you... if your friends with her friends then they will probably tell you the truth about whats going on... if your not friends with them however... it may be peer pressure that she is going threw... if your in college, does it have any thing to do with a faternity possable?

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Firstly, no im not a college i am at sceondary school, i dont know what its called in the US (well im 16), but i dont really know her friends. Perhaps it is peer pressure bc she is extremly shy, but i dont think that her friends are the type to put her under peer pressure. I suppose i could see if i can get a chance to speak to her friends.


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Simply just ask her. Simply say to her, listen, I know I have been asking you out for quite some time and you keep blowing me off, is it because you don't like me or you are just not allowed to date? Confront her about it. I mean, you have the guts to ask her out and you have had some conversation with her. Just simply ask her, is it me or is it the fact that you are not allowed to date? I mean, if she blushes and smiles its' obvious she has some interest or at least thinks your cute. Just simply ask her if it's you or the parents not allowing her to date. It's really that simple. And when you do it, and when you get your answer, maybe you won't have to chase her around anymore like you have been for 6 months. You get your answer, you'll know what to do from there. If she's not allowed, say, I respect that and say thank you for the honesty and move on.

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