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Does he like me or is he just making excuses?

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Alright, well.. theres this senior named Justin ***** that I really like. We've been talking in Teen Health since the beginning of the year and last week I finally told him that I liked him. He didn't answer me for two days and he was kind of avoiding me. Finally he wrote me a note that said, "I like you, but I just have too many obligations so I would never be able to see you." I think hes just trying to give me an excuse without hurting my feelings, but I'm not sure.

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first off, for a few reasons you shouldn't give his last name.


Now to the question, it could be that he doesn't like you, Or it could be hes to shy and is scared...(this happens to some guys with the pretty girls).


if you feel comfortable you should ask him why....


hope i helped.


]EDIT Oh hes a senior...didn't see that part, maybe he thinks your to young for him..


EDIT again, maybe he is kinda busy and doesn't have time for a girl, hes probally getting ready to head off to collage or get his life started right?

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Yes he is trying to protect you, but yes he does like you. If he didn't like you he'd use you and dump you. He go out with you get what he wants and leave you really alone.


You have to understand when someone says they are too busy, you can't pursue them. He might have something going on at home, he might have another girl he likes, it could be a number of things. Regardless of the motives "I'm too busy" is a HUGE red flag.


If you really want to pursue this guy, be mature. Tell him straight up "I understand you're busy. I didn't mean to make you feel awkward. If you're ever not busy let me know." Or something to that effect. Then NEVER bring it up again and don't get upset if he goes out with another girl. He's made no promises to you.


I hope this helps.




Please don't use peoples full names... that can be embarrassing for them.

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