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Im considering getting a contraceptive implant as they are very effective and Im in a very steady loving relationship...


have any of you had this done? If so, what are some of the side effects...

I heard that this woman put 30kg when she had it... or this other woman had very bad acne problems when she had it...


or some women get headaches... what are some of the side effects that you faced?? any suggestions, advise, recommendations would be highly appreciated...



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The effects of contraceptives are generally all the same, no matter what the method.


Most cause CAN cause weight gain, headaches, missed periods, acne, dry skin, upset stomach and a few other symptoms.


Most of the symptoms tend to be mild, the thing you will notice is the weight gain. Some people experience no symptoms at all.


Honestly the best thing to do is ask your doctor. They will have pamphlets for you on each of the products.


Then one you want is called Depro-Vera. It can cause irregular bleeding along with other side effects already stated. It's not an implant but it's a shot every three months.


I personally suggest the patch. It's effective, convieniant as well as the least amount and mildest side effects. It's referred to a ortho-vera.


I hope this helps. PM me if you need any info, also try searching the web.

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Im very informed of contraception methods as I am a health teacher.. I have been to my doctor and yes she went through possible side effects with me... and gave me alot of pamphlets, and yes I have done some research on the net...


but WHAT I wanna know is, from WOMEN who had this method done, what type of side effects did YOU face??


I know about the side effects, just wanna know what side effects did you go through as each person is different...


Heretic, thanks for your suggestion for ortho-vera, never heard of a patch contraceptive before, might talk to my doctor about that one...


see i am unable to go on the pill, so im left with the implant, but I do not want to have much side effects, especially acne problems and gaining weight... have any of you experienced any "good" side effects??


thanks guys for your input!

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There are many positive side effects, including increased libido. It will cause your periods to be MUCH lighter, which is a positive. With methods such as the patch or pill (not depro-vera) your periods will always occur around the same time (give or take 24 hours). You can even skip your periods intentionally (talk to your doctor before attempting, I'm not sure the risks involved when doing this).


The most promising positive side effect is a lack of pregnacy.


I'm not sure of any others, but I will ask around for you.


I hope this helps.

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