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girls, what are some of the common mistakes that guys make


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Usually it's the things that they say more than anything else. At least it is for me. If a guy is average or whatever maybe even not the best looking it's still ok. He still is on the market for me. BUT... when a guy has an attitude problem or tries to make himself appear to be so much more than what he is--- a definite turn off.

Hope I helped.

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i hate this thing a lot of "nice guys" do.


"want to go out for a drink?"

"sorry, it's late and I don't like going out this late."

"oh.. then do you want to go for a walk?"

"no, i'll be busy."

"oh... what if I pick up some snacks and meet you at your apt?"

"no, sorry, I'll be busy." (god darn it! do you know what busy means? busy means bug off!)

"what about if I pick you up tomorrow after your classes then we can go do something?"

"i have a project. and i'm meeting some friends."

"oh... then we can go out later?"

"no, then it's too late."

"what about movie friday"

"*smile smile plastic smile* I think I might be going out though."


... seriously.. -_- sometimes "nice guys" or guys who consider themselves "nice guys" are just annoying stupid whiners who are waaaaaaaay too desperate in picking up a girl.


-_-;;;; that's not being nice whether you think that's being nice or not. That's just annoying.



Here's another one.. >_>;; just love it.


"no one ever likes me... all the girls i like end up with someone else!"

"*smile smile* (i don't care okay?) aww... that's not always the case."

"no, it's true! you end up dating someone else too and you didn't even tell me!"

"(dude, are you my dad? why should i inform of you whom i'm going to date?) That's not true, you met him almost right after we got together."

"no! I always wanted to ask you out but I just didn't have the courage you know."

"(well, even if you did i wouldn't have gone out with you.) Aw... I'm so flattered, you did? Aw..."

"but you know, if he doesn't treat you rigth i'll always be here."

"*erk* That's so nice of you... (but that's not going to happen)"

"maybe when you two break up i'll have a chance dating you."

"if that ever happens I'll let you know okay? (not in a million years and thanks for wishing for our break up.)"



.... -______- I'm not sure if they're "nice guys" or guys who just like guilt tripping girls and pretend they're nice. it's so annoying and next time when he comes around maybe i should just kick him out of my apt and stop pretending to be nice. -_-;;;

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ha ha ha...oh dear. Poor Tea. But you must remember that us guys are told (by television, magazines, films, girls etc...) that sometimes girls like to play 'hard to get'. Precisely what that means and why any girl would want to do that is beyond me, but, apparently, it happens. It can, not always but sometimes, be hard for a guy to know if the girls is a) playing hard to get or b) genuinely wants you to get lost. Sometimes you hear stories of how a guy asked out someone five times before they said yes. My mind boggles!!! Boggles I tell you!! Five times??!?! Why would someone ask someone else out five times!? Why would someone say no four times and then yes the fifth?! I don't undersand people and I never will. If I ever meet someone like that I think I'll strangle them for the good of humanity...their genes must not be passed on .

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To me and to most girls..having an ego is the BIGGEST turn- off ever! When a guy is all into himself and thinks he can get any girl he wants is really irritating . To me, a jerky guy who's loud and seeks attention all the time is definatley a turn-off!

Some guys also try to gossip and make other feels bad by making fun of them and that shows their lives are so empty it's pathetic!

A guy that always goes with the crowd is pathetic too..it's really attractive to see a guy that's an individual, someone who stands up for what he believes in and is not afraid of being different. 8)

Being rude, and mistreating a lady is a definate turn-off!

Nothing beats being a complete gentleman and stealing your lady's heart!

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But you must remember that us guys are told (by television, magazines, films, girls etc...) that sometimes girls like to play 'hard to get'.




But, you know, the way I see it is if a girl really liked me and wanted to go out with me and I asked her out then she would say yes. If she says no then that means that she is not really interested. And if it turns out that she was interested but was playing hard to get then she's not going to get me. Because to me, one NO is enough. If she REALLY did like me then she would say yes.


Imagine, as a guy, if you were absolutely in love with some girl but hadn't built up the courage to ask her out yet and then she came and asked you out. The LAST word you would ever say is NO!

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my advice when you dont know a girl is, dont be too eager or aggressive. just be casual and friendly. if she is in a class ask about school stuff and keep it non-threatening. use this time to read her body actions and warmth to you. this will also give her time to figure out if she likes you. when you feel a positive vibe from her then you can get more personal and talk about what you guys do in your spare time. i know i dont like it when guys are like your awesome and im like you dont even know me!

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i know i dont like it when guys are like your awesome and im like you dont even know me!


I agree with amanda22. I had a guy who asked me out and i didn't even know his name. Definitely try to get to know her and befriend her first. Make sure you're comfortable with each other before asking her out. You might have thought about her for ages but maybe it's the first time she notices you!


I've experienced the first case tea described too. I don't think girls like to play hard to get, if they eventually say yes the 5th time, it's because they got too annoyed or feel sorry for the guy. If you got rejected and still want to try again, remain friends with her, be open and see if she'll change her mind after she gets to know you.

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