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mistake or sweet/go for it??

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the girl that I like I haven't seen for over a year,plus right now i'm suppose to be a friend while she's in college (though she knows that I like her)also i've been backing off from talking to her that she's been having her struggles in college and I don't wanna annoy her or anything.


thing is I have strong feelings for her and it's one of those things where I just wanna spill it and tell her. say I were to tell her something anytime now,how does this sound..though I might change it for all I know....


"time like these wish I had your email address.ok I know i'm backing off here while you're busy with college and everything,but when you have strong feelings for someone and having to keep it in,you just wanna explode after awhile and spill it if it's bad timing or not. i'm crazy about you and miss you a ton. say I have to wait another 2 years,4,100 even well so be it. I understand college and starting that career right now is your # 1 priority."

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I think that you should talk to her and tell her how you really feel,Just dont be on her back about it constantly,Your letter sounded good and I hope everything works out for you,Call her up at a time she is not busy ask her to go out to dinner or something and just tell her that you like her and everything in the letter that you had put tell her that as well good luck!!!

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I think your letter is good It's best to tell her how you feel,so if she don't feel the same for you she will let you know in one way or another.And if she don't it's better that you know so you can move on.That's not to say you can't be friends.Could be thats all she wants anyway,so it best to get it out in the open.Good luck

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