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Why am I doing this?!?

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Why do I have so much difficulty to tell my bf, my friends...anyone actually , when there's something really bothering me..I don't have as much trouble if it doesn't include them but if it's about them, I usually don't say anything, no matter what it is or how bad it is!

And they can ask me how many times they want, I'm always gonna find some other excuses, and even when they know theres something wrong and it's about them, I still don't wanna tell them....

thks for any replies!

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My opinion on this would be mabe for some reason you are afraid to tell him or anyone how you feel if you are mad because of the way they may react to it,Or it could be you just dont want to start an argument so you keep it to yourself so you dont cause any problems,In a relationship communication is a very big factor and when there is a problem it is ok to talk about it that is what helps you be able to talk and work things out the best you can with anyone,I have also made up excuses if I am mad at someone or about something just so I dont start something or make things worse but it's good to tell how you feel regardless if you are mad or not.Good luck with that anytime you need to talk about anything pm me!

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