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gf b-day she wants lingerie

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Also fredericks of hollywood is good too. Are you planning to buy this online or are you going to a store? I would personally go to the store. Sizes can be tricky if you try ordering online. Your best bet is to go there and look at the sizes available. You know your girl more than anyone else so you should be able to tell what size would be appropriate for her. Victoria's Secret is a good place to go. Don't limit yourself to just there either. Look around. I'm sure there are lots of lingerie stores around your city.

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eh.. you'll have to ask her. or next time when you're in bed steal her underwears and check them out.



There are tags on underwears that tell you if they are small or medium, and there are tags on bras that tell you .. like.. 32A means 32 inches around the chest and cup A. Find those tags before you go shopping. It'll be very embarrassing if they don't fit.


Oh... word of wise that I didn't come up with and can't understand...


If you're in doubt when you buy the bra, buy a smaller cup size. Apparently it pisses girls off when their significant others think they have larger breasts than they actually do, and a few will even think their SOs are cheating on them... I can't understand that logic, but it hasn't happened to me yet.

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Best way to get around the size issue is to not get bra sets...go for things like babydolls, or negligees, or sexy camisoles and panty sets. Then no worry about bras...as bras are just really hard for some women/girls to fit and can be tricky without trying.


The you just need to know if she is small/med/large etc to get a general idea.

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flowers. A lot of times girls have preferences for perfumes.. and if you get her another scent ppl might just wear it a few times out of politeness and shelf it away. If you get the scent she usually wears then that's just one extra bottle to her collection until she finishes her's.


If you want it to be special that's just from you and she'll appreciate, flowers are probably better.'


If you really want to get her perfumes.. go smell that Obsession a few more times and look for something similiar.

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