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Just a simple workout question....

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Its going to be about a month now that i haven't worked out. I guess I have been to lazy or something. Since its been a month will the muscle i put on be eroding away or what??? Since its been a month since iv lifted weights will my present muscle be wasting away or has it already began to fade away????????? I get really worried about things like that so i reallllly need an answer...

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Well i'm not an exercise biologist, (i AM a medical laboratory scientist, if that helps)


From memory they say it takes 6 weeks to train your muscle for something, but only 4 weeks to loose 90% of that, the other 10% or so takes months/years to be fully lost. I try to go to the gym whenever I can but there have been times where i've taken up to a month off, and yes you do notice reduced performance, but if you're anything like me it should quickly come back and you will be retrained in notime

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We're all lazy sometimes. Just so long as you get back in the gym some time soon you probably wont lose much in strength or mass terms, the definition that you may have had before might have been reduced slightly but it'll come back quite quickly!


Take it easy for the first few sessions as you wont be able to train as much as you were before right away. This it actually a common problem: people take time off and then go right back to their old training schedule but are surprised when it causes them injury from overtraining.


Good luck!

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