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Is this really true?

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I guess my answer could be a yes and no. When my g/f of 2 years broke up with me, that's what it felt like. She still loved me, and I still loved her, but we both needed to let each other go, get some "breathing" space and see if we really are the "ones" for each other. Although we wanted "space" we maintained contact, which helped in us getting back together. We've been back together for a few weeks, and although things between us have been good their still are a few problems. I assume that any couple that breaks and gets back together would still have some problems, but sometimes it feels like these problems will cause us to break again. We seem to get into arguments over minor things (last night we had a big fight over nothing), but then were able to settle things and be happy (we sat and talked after the fight and were able to reconcile and tell each other we love each other). Thats why I say yes and no to your question. It was a YES when we were able to set each other free, return and be together again. Right know it's kinda like a NO becasue the arguments/fighting that we have right now make it feel like things weren't "meant to be". As I said though, I assume that couples will argue for a bit after a break, and it's not like a relationship is all happy sunshines all the time, sometimes there are problems. Anyways I've strayed away from the topic, and I don't know if it helped you at all with your question.

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Yes i have experienced it. My ex boyfriend I broke up with him and Let him free than like what...3 days later he asked me out again and was trying everything in his power to come back to me hehe....It worked like a charm.


The time he let me go...I kept far far away t ho...So sad..Owell lol

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