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how do i tell if he likes me?

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there is this guy i like and he has a girlfriend, they arent getting along very well and they tell people that they dont trust or like each other but they wont break up. alex is they guys name. i heard that he doesnt want to break up with her because he doesnt think that anyone else likes him and that he needs someone to rely on. alex is popular and pretty hot. and i know 4 other people that like him. i am planning on telling him i like him but i dont know how and he flirts with me, but i dont know if he likes me or not. how can i tell? please help me im desperate1

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don't tell him anything until you know he has broken it off with this other girl. Going after him when he is with someone else, even if you hear it isn't going well, is disrespectful to the girl he is with now.


You may want to think twice about this guy though...do you really want to be the next girl who is strung along until something better comes for him? He doesn't sound like that great of a guy...

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thanks for the advice, but he is a great guy, i get made fun of alot-well i guess people just tease me and joke around but sometimes its mean- and he doesnt, he listens to me when i talk and we joke around nicely, i really really like him.. he (i think)has a low self esteem and that is why he isnt going to break up with his gf, he doesnt think anyone else likes him, and plus she breaks his heart one time after another... and he says that he cant beak up with her because he needs someone to rely on. i still dont know

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