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Ex left her ex for me(I'm also an ex) and left me for another ex


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Well, my roommate thought it would be a great idea to look at her Facebook since I'm blocked....she posted that she was in love with this guy.....my roommate had already done this without my knowledge but he made a comment user that post that said something like, that's crazy! You were just dating (insert my name) 2 weeks ago!


And he made another comment under a huge discussion where everyone was talking about her move out there, she mentioned it's a crazy story and he said crazy indeed, she was dating my roommate for the past month and then just disappeared! I'm not one to play games but I did get some amusement out of it.....I really had no idea.

There was a picture of a meal they ate the other night. It was the SAME freaking meal she made me 2 days before she left.....

So, she said we were moving to fast, moves out there to live with and start a relationship and already loves him.....good riddance indeed.


Maybe I'll never know why she came back but what I do know, is that I'm done with this chapter in my life. I feel slightly vindicated but I also feel very very stupid and used. When I saw those photos, I didn't know who I was looking at. Thank you everyone for listening to my frustrations over and over.

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