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I think that I am stuck inbetween a rock and a hard place...

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Ok, i am a structural detailer (i make pretty pics on the comp for our fabrication shop to build from). I don't really like it much, i sit in front of the comp all day long, and deal with rediculous deadlines and changes all the time. I have great job security, insurance and retirement. But i am only 21, and i am very unhappy with this job. On top of that, my boss drives me crazy. He wants us to work 50 hours plus saturdays right now, cause we just signed the largest contract in our history. Last week i worked 54.5 hours, to help me catch up on some of my bills i also started a second job last week as a bartender/waitress. my boss came up to me this morning and yelled at me for not working enough overtime!! 14.5 isn't enough!?!?!?!?!?!?! Well i cover my duties and i also am covering another position because the person is gone for personal reasons. I am very pissed off. I have never bartended or waitressed before, but the 3 shifts that i have worked so far have been great. I really like it, and everyone at the bar really seems to like me. Well my new boss is very impressed and offered me a full time position there. Working tues, fri and sat nights (the best tip nights) and another day shift or 2. Well i have been thinking about it, but i am undecided, i would have to quit my current job to do it. Should i take the job that i really like or should i stay where i have insurance and stuff??? I am stuck, any advice would really help.

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Do what you love. You are young. There will be plenty of job opportunities. If you hate the job at the structural detailer, then quit. Sounds like they are working you to death and it will only get worse.


Go ahead and try the bartending. Who knows, you might really love it.

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now wait a minute...I have a different take on this.


Sure bartending is exciting and fun, especially when you feel like your full time job is a drag BUT


insurance and benefits are important. So is a financial future. How much money will you lose out on by changing jobs? Will bartending make you enough money to afford your bills, including private health insurance? How about helping you save for your future?


You already stated you had to take this bartending job to catch up in bills...can you truly afford to make such a change? At least your salary is a definate cash flow...you have no idea what your tips will be from week to week.


and don't think, for one second just because you are young, you don't "need" insurance...anyone can get into a car accident, or come down with an illness.


Bartending, any job in that field for that matter, has a HIGH turnover rate...the security is not there. Part of why they don't offer insurance and benefits of that nature, it's not affordable due to the high change over. Having only wrked three shifts, you really don't know how this bar operates yet...you need to give it more time...on a part time basis.


If you feel you are being overworked, then go talk to someone in your HR department...you can't be forced into substantial amounts of overtime...


if I were you, I'd keep things the way they are...if anything, start looking for a different ful time position, but one that is comprable to what you have now, and keep bartending as a fun second job...a place to release the tension from the job that gives you security.

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If you feel you are being overworked, then go talk to someone in your HR department...you can't be forced into substantial amounts of overtime...


Actually, you can be required to work overtime. If this position is an exempt position (which I believe it is) then they can force you to work as many hours as they please.


ticklebug otherwise has very valid points. My only counter to this is nobody should become a slave to a job. Yes insurance and benefits are important. But so is happiness. You are going to be in the working world for a long long time. I know far too many people toiling away at something they hate. It affects them even into their private lives. And frankly its just not worth it.


Yes, consider everything that goes along with this. But never sell out your own happiness for a paycheck.

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Well i am thinking about going back to school. I have taken the past 2 years off, after going for 2 years. I quit going cause i hated taking night classes. With my current job, that i all i can take cause i work all day. I am thinking that if i go with the bartending, most of my shifts will be at night, so i can take classes durring the day. but health insurance is really important. so i don't know what i should do.

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Well if you live in the US there is something called COBRA. When you leave your full time job you can continue your health insurance provided you pay the full cost yourself. The prices are high, but at least you have the coverage. You cannot be turned down as long as you continue to pay the premiums.


If you are healthy, you can also buy private insurance to cover a catastrophe. Health insurance that covers every little thing is expensive. But if you buy a policy with $1,000 or $2,000 deductible the cost is much less. This will protect you against an accident or serious illness which can rack up medical bills of $50,000 very quickly.


If you live outside the US I am not certain of the options available to you.

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