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Practical Driving Tests

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lol, I have a phone interview in like 5 mins and im bricking it also


hhhmmm the dread driving test. Well the main word I can think of is "relax". Yep, we all say this to each other and its easier said than done. The fact is that you are only given this opportunity to do this driving test because your instructor thinks your good enough for it. So take confidence from that.


Don't worry about little mistakes (your allowed a fair amount before it is considered a fail). We all make them while driving. Remember its the recovery of the situation that is important. So if u stall or something remember to just correctly adjust to the situation and the examiner will be happy.



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Johny's right,


If your instuctor says you're ready then as far as driving ability goes you have nothing to worry about.


Think of it as a performance rather than a test, there isn't a time limit so the examiner isn't going to say 'times up, stop the car' take your time and enjoy it. Driving is Fun!


Good luck!!

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Don't sweat it. I hit the curb while paraell parking. I still passed though. Just follow the rules, don't hesitate too long. Now that I been driving for a while, I probably wouldn't pass the test. I have too many bad habits now.


You will be ok. Maybe have your parent take you around the roads that they have the test on.


Good Luck


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