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Girls: If you really like a guy, do you phone call him?

Double J

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I've noticed that some girls are more "phone people" than others. Some will call the guy only when he has left a message, others won't call at all, and some call several times a day voluntarily. Some girls seem like they want the guy to do all the calling, which in my opinion, shouldn't be the case. If you like a guy, show it!


So ladies - Should a guy measure interest level based on whether or not she calls him over the phone?

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no....who calls whom more, or at all is not an indication of anything...because for every person, it depends on how they were brought up. Many girls/women are still under the impression that it is the male's responsibility to show intrest by picking up the phone...


not that I necessarily agree with that, I feel if you like someone regardless of what sex you are, you should pick up the phone...


but when it comes to knowing how someone feels about you...don't go by the # of calls...go by what they SAY.

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If I like a guy, I'll call him, because you never know what tomorrow brings. right? So, I just let him know I like him. But I don't call several times or bug him. I know when I'm calling too much. I just call a few times, maybe once or twice.


I don't think guys should do all the calling and I do thinks girls should let the guy know they are intrested.


Plus, when a guy likes me, and he tells me himself, it makes me feel good. So, I'm going to tell a guy if I'm intrested in him. I'm not going to have my best friend do it for me or so & so. That's dumb.


To conclude; I call if I'm intrested, but not too much. Guys shouldn't do all the calling, it should be evened out. Ladies should show if they are intrested, you never know what's going to happen tomorrow.


Just sharing my 2 cents,


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I don't like to call because I don't know what to say. The times when I have called I don't know how to end the call--which is another problem... So I just don't call. I'm not a phone person at all.


Guys that are interested will call me anyway... so I don't worry too much about it.

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you shouldnt measure interest based on calling at all, but this varies from girl to girl (as you said)..i never call guys, i will call back guys i really like, but that's it, just cause i dont wanna seem "clingy", you can tell if someone likes you if when you do leave them a message if they call you back & u can also tell by how long they stay on the phone w. u

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