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i've made a decision, just can't stick to it.

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First, I am relieved you realize this is a hurtful practice that you simply can't continue to keep doing.


The hard part is that if you feel you really can't quit, you need to go to someone now and talk to them. What about a counselor at school?

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that's great that you've decided not cut so much, but it's bad that you're still continuing on. i've surprisingly started it myself. why?? i really can't say. i've always been one to think how stupid it was and so pointless. and then i did it. i scared myself really. it wasn't bad. i kind of liked it. i've done it once and i might do it again. i am currently talking to people (couselor at school and out of school). it doesn't help. i need more than just that. i understand what you mean that you don't want anyone to know. i even haven't told any ONE. no one knows except now you.

what i suggest you ought to do is to find out what you TRULY need to help you get out of this. if there might be something you need to change at all. no matter how drastic the change might be, if it may help at all, then i think you ought to take it into consideration. just thinking that things'll get better, doesn't work. i myself have a change. i haven't taken it yet. but as the days go by... the change sounds more and more convincing to help me stay alive. stay strong.

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just like any obsession, you can't stop it on your own...you NEED to get professional help. A counselor is not going to judge you or make you feel bad about it...they are in the profession they are in to HELP people.


If you truly want to stop...you need to find the courage to admit to a person, not just an internet group...what you have been doing to yourself.


Keep in mind something, everyone on this internet group...is still a person behind the computer screen...if we aren't judging you...a live body right next to you won't either.

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you guys that don't cut or SI don't realize how hard it is to stop. Also I wouldn't dare tell anyone either. A lot of the time people have a portrayed image of people that SI as a mental or delirous person that is found in a straight jacket. But it's quite the opposite. Generally we don't tell people unless they ask and we dont' wanna lie to them because we care for them so much or we are scared that we will be drugged up or sent away. I personally would not trust anybody or even tell anybody about my SI.

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I don't know whether this will help or not, but it a try to maybe help you understand it a little more. These are some quotes from a TV show including cutting....


"And what's bizarre is that I'm always gonna be a cutter. Even if I don't do it for years it's still me."


(some1 else) "Well that sucks."


"It just, it just is. It doesn't matter how I feel or how anyone else feels."


It then goes on to talk about acceptance and how if you can accept yourself--then just maybe you can work through it all.

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cutting is a form of OCD, obsessive compulsive disorder. It is a need to control the pain in your life, in a certain way, every time there is pain, regardless of the form.


Other people with an OCD may need to ensure that when they wash their hands, it's done a certain way each time, or have a need for their vegetable to not touch their meat on the plate at dinner...it's an uncontrollable urge to control something...


the longer you do it, the harder it is to stop, or control, yourself, and in most cases, you DO need help from a professional...because what is going on with you has to do with the chemicals in your brain...and how some aren't producing enough, and some are producing too much...and sometimes all it takes is some medication temporarily, to get your body functioning normally & a little bit of counseling to help you find other ways to vent your pain.


bottom line of it is, it isn't your "fault" you are doing it, it is nothing to be ashamed of and it is a fixable problem...


if you get the flu, you go to the doctor to get medication to make yourself feel better, if you break your arm, you get a cast on it while it heals...you need to treat your brain the same way...it's "sick and/or broken" and you need to get the proper care for it.

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hun, not if you talk to the right people...and in the right way...they won't see it as an "attention" thing...the right people are a counselor at school, a good teacher or your parents...


it's scary to take the first step in helping yourself, it's like standing on the diving board ready to jump for the first time...but once you do...you have gotten it over with and it won't hve to be done again.

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I'm a mom, and sometimes, my kids need to give me a wake up call on things I don't notice. We'd like to thik we are the all knowing all powerful all seeing creatures just because we hve kids, and although sometimes we seem like we have eyes in the back of our heads and know what you are up to just by looking at you...we really don't. We are just good guessers cuz we were kids once.


She may very well blame herself at first...but that is what the counseling you are going to get (and the therapist will talk to her too) will help you deal with...


we, as parents, blame ourselves because we love you kids, so incredibly much. It will hurt her more and upset her more if you let this go on, and then you end up hurting yourself to a point you can't recover.


You will make her day as a parent if you go to her and ask for help...she will know you feel like you can come to her - and that is a big time parent good feeling.

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