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Miss the intimacy

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My ex-gf broke up with me 2 months ago after a short but very intense and passionate 7 months. I know I'm not over her...I have kept NC religiously until about 3 weeks ago when i sent her an email where I told her that I accepted what happened and I'm moving on but that I will always love her.


Well last night was the first time since my ex that I slept with another girl. I thought it would be a good thing, that it would help me get over her, but I was wrong. This morning I woke up thinking how much better the sex was with my ex..she was so much more attractive and really I can't stop comparing this one with her. I'm 25 and I've had my share of girls.


I don't know what to do now, I feel like nothing can top what I had with her. I would have thought I'd be feeling better by now after 2 months of not seeing her or talking to her. But looks like new girls only make me miss my ex even more...

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i think they will for a while, im kind of in the same situation just not as far ahead, but i think that they will always remind you of her until you find that 1 special girl who you were meant to be with in the first place, keep your head high and just be yourself, good things come to those who wait



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