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Weird situation #2

Anon A Mouse

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I posted about a year back about a girl I knew who was acting hot and cold with me but over the last few months she's seems to have gotten past that, or rather we've got past it. I'll mention now that despite me thinking we've got a real conmection. I still dont think we'd class technically as friends. I don't have her number and I don't see her out of work, and I don't even see her everyday at work. I'm also aware that she more than likely isnt attracted to me romantically, but I'm not sure where I should be heading with this relationship, but from the first time I met her I've felt drawn to her.


Most of the time I'll see her and we'll just say hello in passing, sometime weeks will pass between conversations, but when we get the chance it's like the gaps just fill right up, we just talk and talk with no gaps until its time to separate again. When people are around we hardly say anything at all really, we'll glance at each other (we both do this) but usually not really get into anything. TBH we can't stay away from each other even if we don't say anything we know when each other is around. If too much time goes without seeing each other it seems to 'hurt' us both.


We'll tease each other a bit, an example was the other day. We just looked at each other and laughed and she said you as "goofy as me". We always seem to be probing each others opinion on things and we just non judgementally accept each other. We are very much alike and the more I talk to her the more alike I find out we are.


It just doesn't fit into any category of relationship I've ever come accross and I'm wanting to spend more time with her but I dont where the boundaries are because there doesn't seem to be any, we'll quite happily bump into each other as we're walking like two little magnets bouncing off each other, and she just does stuff now without me need to ask.


Obviously I can only give my side of the story but I feel as if what I'm saying is an accurate description.


So anyone got any ideas?

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