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Don't just sit up there and wonder in your head about everythig. Say it out loud. Try and get to know her better. If you get to know her more then you should have no prob. w/ conversation topics. Besides, there shouldn't always be a topic. Just hang out w/ eachother and stuff. Go have fun or something!!!

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there was a guy I dated once who had a hard time striking up conversations...we were at a restaurant one day and I had picked up one of the sugar packets because it had a promotional slogan on it called "table talk"....on the back of it was a question..."what would you do if you had 10 million dollars"....so we ended up spending the next two hours talking about the questions we found on the back of the sugar packets!


If you go to a store that sells card and board games, there are actually things out there just like the sugar packets...and there are even books that have "conversation questions"...go find them and use it as a way to get to know each other.

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How about asking her what she's interested in? That's part of getting to know each other and seeing if you really want to be together. Find out what her hobbies and interests are and talk about them. Find something you have in common and go from there. Ask her about school, her family, her future dreams and goals. You don't have to carry on the most fascinating conversations, you can talk about anything. What really matters is that you enjoy the time you spend together. Once you are comfortable around each other you will proably be able to go on for hours talking about what ever pops into your head.

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