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Friend or not friend?

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I don't understand why this guy behaves very different this afternoon. He came up and chat with me this morning but then later in the afternoon, I saw him again and both of us caught each other's eye contact from far away. He quickly turns his head down towards the table or continue with his studying without even saying hi or something. I didn't approach him at that time because I was hurry to go. I just don't understand why he does things like that. Does that mean he doesn't like to be friends with me or doesn't want to talk to me or trying to ignore me or what do you think?


Because I personally think if I know someone I wouldn't do that. I will at least wave my hands or say hi.

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just because you chatted earlier doesn't mean he has to go out of his way to greet you in some manner every time you are in the same general area.


If he was studying, and he waved to you, you could very well have considered it an invitation to come over and talk, and he was probably busy and didn't want to be bothered.


you are reading too much into it.

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Hmm I would ay that having eye contact and then fast looking away also could be a sign of shyness.. Í would have done the same if i had eye contact with a nice girl!! Then i would turn my head away and try to focus on my papers because *sigh* what if she sees im looking at her!?!?!?! U know... we guys often think that way... but of course he could also just be studying... what harm could be to go and talk to him... u will not disturb much, and I think he is just shy.. so go for it girl....

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