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This one goes out to the ladies...please answer

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have you ever been with someone and then thought u didnt love them and told them u didnt and also told them there was never gonna be a chance for you to be together again, but then somewhere down the line you realised that you made a mistake and wanted them back? id just like to know how many women have done this and how long it took them to realise if they ever did



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my friend did that. it took her...>_>;;; 1 week to realize I guess.


I still think she doesn't love him and even if she did the two of them should break up. they're abusive towards each other and breaks up every other week... gosh, just keep it broken off already!

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lol well to be honest this is for myself to see if the love of my life could come back to me or if i should really forget about her, id never be abusive though lol, i wanted to try n make it work but she dnt wanna know at this point

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Well I'm not a lady but I can answer for my g/f. She didn't say she didn't love me, she actually said she still did have strong feelings for me, but she did say that she didn't things were working out right know and we should just end things. That lasted for around 3 weeks. After that she realized that she made a mistake (by ending things instead of working them out together) and she told me that she was sorry and wanted to show me that she really loves me and wants to be with me. That was around 2 weeks ago, and we've been together since then, with her putting in a lot of effort to show me that she really wants this relationship with me to last forever. Don't know if that really answered your question though.

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she still said she cares about me but i dunno, she said she loved me for 9 months straight and said she loved me more then anything n then suddenly it all left her (and no i didnt actually cheat or anything, i was really good to her lol)

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I'm sure it happens all the time. thats why there are so many breakup to makeup stories. people's feelings can always change.


I always think about me and my best friend that I've had for years. she changed a lot this summer and we sort of stopped communicating for awhile. I didnt think of her as my best friend so much anymore because I felt she was a different person. it got to a point where I didnt even consider her my friend at all anymore. months later, we've reconnected and are better friends than ever. I am seeing the qualities I loved in her all along. this can be relatable to a relationship. ofcourse boyfriends and friends are different things. still they are both the closest relationships in our lives (usually next to family).


its hard for someone to say "we'll never be together again" because they dont know how they'll feel weeks, months, or years from then, but they dont want to give the other person false hope, ya know?


love and relationships, soooo tricky...

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i did it.....me and mine have been together off and on for 4years and recently(2months ago)i told him things weren't working out and he needed to leave...he did and we didnt talk for about a week and a half but when we did it felt the same so eventually i got together with someone else i had known for a while for bout a week and thats when i realized i couldnt be without my ex....he's the one i believe is for me no matter how many ups and downs we go through......or at least i pray he is.....

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I have felt this way. often, the first 6 months to a year of the relationship, you are in the honeymoon phase. You mistake infatuation for love. Those exciting feelings you have for your boyfriend/ girlfriend is really intense chemical interactions. Those feelings eventually subside and then the real love begins when there is real commitment and trust. some people feel like they "fall out of love," b/c they don't have those passionate feelings anymore. they want those feelings again, but since you've been dating for a while, the novelty is gone- it's too familiar. thereforeeee, the person breaks up with the boyfriend in search for that passion again, only to realize that they really do miss and care for the person. Of course, this is not every case, but it rings true for some, particularly for me. Luckily, I've learned that it is possibly to bring the passion back into a relationship and that the routine, boring friendship phase with complete commitment. love, trust and repsect is worth more than a few months of passion. I'm still known to get ancy and bored when the relationship hits that plateua. But I learned what's real and what's not.

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I did that exact same thing with my ex, but when i told him how i felt, he understandably didnt want me back!!

I dont want to dampen your hopes, but in my experience you break up for a reason normally, and even if you get back together, then that same reason will still be there!

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