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Why don't we get along?

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Me and my brother just can't get along for long periods of time. Im 17, he's 13. We have times where we get along, but things never last long. I have always had more friends and better grades, but he is better at the one thing we compete at, snowboarding.


We will get in an argument. He has a very short fuse so he ends up attacking. I have muscel on him, but he is vicious, and can't stop himself. I just get so sick of the fighting, he is so immature it drives me up the wall. I separate myself from him as much as possible and esspecially recently, but for some reason, now that im out more, the time i'm at home, we fight.


I'm just tired of it. We were so close when we were young. And then at school he is so calm, he looks up to me and tells his friends stuff like he likes me. He is just so frustrating, i'm so sick of it all. He is a crazy fighter, and can't stand to just talk something out. I'm not gunna blame it all on him, i know how to push his bottons. I just need someone who is older with siblings to help me calm him down, and stop the fighting.

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We were so close when we were young


you ever hear the saying "even negative attention is still attention"?


When you were younger, you spent time with your brother, you probably did things with him...had fun. Now that you are older, doing more things with people your age...he feels left out - abandoned - by the brother he more than likely idolizes.


He doesn't know how to express how he feels, he may not even understand it...but at least when you fight, you are paying attention to him.


If you really miss being brothers with him, and not wrestling partners...I seriously suggest you set aside time to ACT like his brother...and his friend...put him first at least once or twice a week....like it used to be.


You will see him change.

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