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help me please. I don't know what to do

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I know I sohuld tell my parents but I don't know how..


I registered for TOEFL (test of english as a fireign language) awhile ago. It costs $130

I always thought that the test was going to be on December 7. But today I found out that it was yesterday!


So I either lost a $130 or I will try to register for another date with the same money.

The question is: do you know if I will have a success?

and the worst - how can I tell my parents?


help me please

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the only thing you can do is talk to whomever you registered with in the first place - and see if there is a make up date. If there is, no problem. If there isn't, you need to find a way to make the money yourself for the next $130...as well as pay your parents back. Either way shows you being responsible about it


nothing beats the truth when it comes to telling your parents anything...


mom/dad - on the paper showing the date of the test I messed up - I could have sworn it was Dec 7 - but I misread the one as a seven so I missed it.


SCENAARIO ONE - the good news is that I called and I can take the test on X date...can you polease remind me so I don't miss it again.


SCENARIO TWO - unfortunately, I called and they don't give a make up date. So Whatever I can do to pay back the $130 I lost you I will do, and I will also try to make the $130 for the next test myself, since I'm the one who made the mistake.


With either scenario - apologize.

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so I take it they don't give make up tests...


how are they the idiots when you misread the date?


how are they stealing if you paid for a test on a certain date and were required to go on that date and didn't?


Don't blame the testing place for your mistake....they don't have to give make up tests...I'm sure everyone else that registered made it to the test on the correct date...


now go tell your parents you are the idiot and apologize for putting them out $130.

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Sounds like your going to have to pay your parents back the $130. Time to get a job! All thru high school, I worked part-time & played sports & other extra-curricular activites & still kept good grades. The best way to get fast cash in high school is probaly to waitress at a diner.

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i agree with the previous post. and when youre in college, if you go, itll be even more difficult managing your time. i dont have a minute to myself. life's tough sometimes. it takes sacrifices. even if you find a job for a couple of weekends then quit if you REALLY DONT WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL & WORK, which in my opinion is very important to be able to do.. just save up enough money to pay them back, you made a mistake so fix it. no big deal.



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hundreds of thousands of people who walk the face of this planet hold down jobs while in school...some of them are even adults who are married so they have homes to support and children to raise at the same time...


you screwed up and you need to find a way to make it right with your parents. Stop making childish excuses or blaming others.

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I can understand you might be feeling really scared about telling your parents. But as the other person said, u should definitely try to get another date, the next one possible. If its too far away, then you should try telling either your mom or dad. They may get really upset but they will respect you for telling them the truth.

I will be praying for you and im sure that you will do extremely well on your TOEFL exam!


Remember that you are very special to God and He will not let you down! He will only look for ways to lift you up!


Take care,


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I told my parents a long time ago. Well, I told my mom and she was not angry angry but a little bit...anyway...she CAN SEE how much time school takes. I have to help her with my baby sister a lot AND do my homework. comeon people. I am in one of the best high school in the country where to get an A you have to either be a genius or forget you have a life. So really, getting a job will lower my GPA even more and then I will never get into college. Why are you people all like that? Its not like everyone works!


Oh, and not to be mean or anything, don't tell me about god. I am from a really non religious family and don't want to listen to all those stuff. I've never been to church and don't even know what it looks like except from movies. I want to scream when someone tries to tell me about it. I guess I can call myself an athiest..

If I offended you I'm sorry but noone should really force their beliefs on others.

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