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Meeting The Parents

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When the parents likes you, they invite you to dinner, almost every weekend, and every other week day-->bad. Sure, it was nice to spend time with his parents and family, but we weren't even married yet. I just felt as though I was already married into the family. Which was not a bad thing, but it can be a bit suffocating. Especially when I was only 20, and we were just still bf/gf. Not enough privacy. On the good side of it, at least his parents treated me like a daughter-in-law. Kind of scared me though, but I enjoyed them too. Other ex- his family invited us frequently too. They're really nice people, very warm, inviting, and treatd me like family also. Both of those experiences were good.


When a guy brings you home to meet his family, there are many benefits to meeting them as well. You get to see where he's from, his background, what types of people influenced him, etc. It says a lot about a person's character, whether it may be he identifies with some of them, or not. Plus, to love someone, I think that you must also somewhat, love their family too. I mean, that's what marriage is about. When someone sincerily loves someone else, that also means that a part of them should also love their partner's family. That's the true meaning of marriage, I think. You recognize that person as you're other half, and thereforeeee, treat them and their family like it.

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When i first meet her parents...We went snowboarding...i made the mistake of saying oh you must be step-dad...didn't give him much of a smile....that and i was wearing a white sweat shirt when a whole thing of fries n katchup went all over me.... Next time i went to her house he decided he was gonna give me the " talk " which he wanted to have outside...i didn't have shoes....so i was expected to keep up with him but, yano woodlands and all.. not good without shoes

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I never was introduced to my ex's parents formally since I knew them from around town. His dad was very cool with me but his mother gave me looks that scared me sometime. He wasn't close with them like I am with my parents which should have been a red flag from the jump. I took him to my house 2 times to meet my parents and spend time with my family. He was nervous because my dad gave him a hard time but all in fun.


Now there was a guy I was seeing, we were never bf/gf and we lived 2 hours away. I met his mom the same time I met him. She was nice and we talked a lot. Then later on he brought his brother to meet me in my town. Then on a trip to Cali, his mom wanted to sit with me the whole way to talk about "things". I met his dad on this trip as well. He was super close with his family and I was surprised that he wanted them to know so much about me. He met my parents when I took him to prom. My dad and him had an hour long convo about who knows what. My dad liked him alot.


Meeting parents is so important to me because I am real close with my family. It would hurt me if my guy didn't want me to meet his parents.

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When I first met bf's family... hmm... it was fun. They were all really nice to me, especially his mom. They're always trying to remind me that I'm part of their family... even though I really am not so I try avoiding going with them to pick bf up from airport so they will be able to spend some time together without having a light bulb in between.


His mom and I can talk about almost anything... partly because we both love music and musicals.


Hmm.. meeting parents wasn't a big deal... but when I met his grandmother I freaked out. His grandmother said, "welcome to the family" and I was thinking... okay... not family yet, but it's okay... then she said, "When are you going to have a baby?" I totally blushed and replied, "Eh.. don't know... ???" but she pretended she didn't hear me and joked around... "What? Already have one?" T_T I know she really wants the next head of the family out now... but... o...m...g.... ^^; his dad got mad at his grandmother that day because I laughed about it with bf and bf told his dad and his dad got mad at his grandmother because his dad was afraid that his grandmother will scare me away. ^_^ =) Yup, they're all nice to me. gg.


Well, that's the first time I actually realized that... yup, no way I'm getting out of the having kids thing if I marry this guy. His whole family expects him to marry and have kids... ugh~ family meaning 100+ people... while my "family" is 11 people on one side and 17 people on the other side... including my core family.

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I recently met my girlfriend's mother. Me and her mother get along very well. My girlfriend told me that her mom likes me and think im cute LOL. I haven't met her dad yet. He is just trying to give me a hard time and saying stuff like he doesn't want me to come over and stuff. The guy has to give me a chance though, dont u think!?

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Before I met his family, they hated me. His mom and grandma were convinced that I was out to ruin his life. So I was pretty freakin' scared when I went out for a visit and he took me to a family birthday party. EVERYONE was there from his mom's side of the family. I was petrified... I felt sick... I had met his mom a few days before but we hadn't talked too much. She was cordial but... I'm used to the way MY mom acts with my friends. She instantly becomes a second mom to them. Nancy isn't like that. Not with me, at least.


Luckily, the party was a blast! Everyone was really nice and they were so much fun! They're a lot like my dad's family, so I wasn't completely out of my element. It's always good when you have a reference point to focus on... LOL! "They're like my dad's family... Okay good... I can handle this!" In the end it was great! But I still have to meet his father and THAT side of the family! EEK!

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I actually arranged the meeting with my girlfriend to my dad this past Thanksgiving. She was totally nervous about it (which is normal). My dad was in town for the holiday. I took them out for a non-formal pizza kind of thing. She came over to my house on Thanksgiving and to break the ice, we went up and played some pool. I am a decent poolplayer, so they teamed up and played against me. A little music on, and this was a very fun time together. Give the parents the chance to get on her side for a little bit. Don't be afraid to show affection with your sig-other in front of the parents. That is a major thing to get over. I made sure it happened up front. In the case of my father, he is totally supportive of me. The occasion brought out the fun side in all of us and made it all a much better experience.


Then, a day later, I met her dad and step mom. Both are quieter. But I got her dad talking about his corvette and before you know it, we were having a really good guy conversation in the garage. It was really good. He is a nice guy and I got along with him.


I think it is important not to act phoney or out of character around the parents. Act like yourself. They will appreciate the honesty in that. Just be on your normal to slightly better daily behavior.


If things don't quite work out after all of that, well, remember, it is your sig-other that should matter more to you. The parent's blessing is good to have, no doubt. But it shouldn't wreck the love you have for someone else.

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