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Ive run into a problem it seems.

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Ok so ive decided to go to college at University of Texas with the NROTC scholarship program, it will pay for everything. Afterwards i can join the navy as a naval officer.


But ive run into several problems and worries. Ive been raised a jehovahs witness my whole life so I havent been able to participate in any extra curricular activities but im still in the top 5% because I do very well in academics. These applications ask for the extra curricular activities ive done and all I can put down is the door to door work i had to do all my life. Now will this hold me back from getting accepted?


Also UT has a math readiness policy required to get into the college of engineering. And i have to take the SAT II tests by december, well its december and i only signed up for the reasoning test. Is there anything i can do?


If all else doesnt work out, Can I just join the navy as an enlistee than take my classes from there and then go to UT and become an officer?


BTW I want to major in either Aerospace Aeronautical Engineering or Architecture.

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I doubt anyone here could honestly tell you for sure about the Univercity of Texas. I would see a school concilor, or do some carefull reading in the univercity Caladander (sold on campus if you don't have one, it's a big book of stuff about the university, im sure you know lol)


Yea, Good luck

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haha, I actually go to UT!! If you are in the top 5% you are already going to get into school here. Its the automatic acceptance policy. Even if you don't get into the school of your choice they will put you into the College of Liberal Arts and you can always transfer over into the school you want later! Just a word of warning, make sure your essays that you write are REALLY good... they are a big part of the selection process.

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Honestly that might be your best bet. I really don't know about the college of Engineering though, if it would be beneficial to just apply for the college of Liberal Arts. I know that's where they accepted instead of the College of Communication because Liberal Arts... What you might want to do is go to the website.. utexas.edu and look around and ask someone in the college of Engineering what the best bet would be. It's a pretty hard school to get into, but like I said if you're in the top 5% you're guaranteed admittance.

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