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guys lead girls on

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why do guys flirt w/ girls & then when the girl noticed it for a while and waits tell he makes a move , she then tells the guy how she feels, then he runs away, but he still flirts w/ her. is he leading her on, or just dont know how to tell her that he has feels for her too and is afaid of what others will say.

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Well maybe "the girl" should ask "the guy" out on a date or 2, like go see a movie or just hangout somewhere, maybe she can then get a better understanding of what is going on in his head, and he may feel different about the situation, and maybe then something could happen, if the guy is shy, it always helps if the girl does a little initiating, OR maybe hes just a really friendly person? I hope that helps and good luck!

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but she wote him a note that told him how she felt about him and he ran away , he dont want her to talk to him casue he was uncomfortable w/ the whole thing and that he told her that he dont want a gf , cause of work and school and other stuff but he still keeps on flirting w/ her in class even throw he dont want a gf.

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well then, he just wants to be friends, its kinda how i was with my gf, she was always flirting with me and I was always flirting wiht her, but i didnt want a gf at the time, becasue i had alot of stuff going on in my life, I knew i liked her and I couldnt help but flirt wiht her, but eventually I decided I wanted her no matter what was goin on, so maybe this is wut is happening? Maybe he'll come around like I did, good luck!

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It's because you told him how you feel. That in itself can do it.


We go for people who make use feel special, fulfilled, AND who remain aloof and independent. As soon as you say how you feel, you are not aloof. Use you body to show interest, use language to suggest it at most.


Look at the principles on link removed, if you want another source.

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this kid still flirts w/ her, like tapping his feet on the floor, still stears at her, and now hes starting w/ the sexually remarks in class which is for her, she knows that this kid is doing this, she just ignores him but still smiles and looks at him when he does this stuff to her. even throw she wrote him a note to let him know how she feels for him.

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