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How do i pay them back?

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I have done something very wrong, I stole from my family! i just can't help but steal money. I'm now in alot of trouble because, i took £70 out of my mum's piggy bank which had £100 in it, and now she's sayin it had £300 in it and my nan is crying and i dont know wot 2 do!! i dont know how to make it up...i said id pay the money back but i dont know how i can do that. Im not even allowed outside the house or a mob.

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Hmm, tricky situation. Im not going to tell you that it is wrong to steal, especialy from your parents, because you already know that. Are you sure there was only £100 in there?


What i suggest is that you just pay back as much as you can, then ask if it would be possible for you to get a job to pay back the rest. If they dont allow you to get a job then offer to do work around the house (washing cars, mowing lawns etc.) for as long as it takes to pay the money back. Obviously you need to apologise and promise never to steal again, but you have to mean it and keep your word.


Feel free to ask if you need any more advice.

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yea i know, ive tried asking for a job but im only 15. and im not allowed outside anyway to go out with my firends, so i doubt they'd let me get a job! i promised and everything but ma nan still wont talk to me and shes really angry. I just dont know how i give into temptation so quickly! Yea i counted it twice, der woz only bout a £100

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ahh if it was that simple i would be working now! im not even allowed to walk to the corner shop without my family waiting at the door!! Im not even allowed to study at tha liabary!!so you think they'd let me get a job?? and im only 15 im under age at the moment

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your neigbors have lawns to mow (or snow to shovel), dogs to walk, cars to wash, chores to be done...there are ways for you to make money without having to get a "real" job


or you can work it off around your own house...doing chores you don't normally do, each having a certain value until it is paid off.

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