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is he hinting to me?

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Last summer, my next door neighbor introduced me to his best friend. Things progressed slowly between us, and I started to develop a liking for him. We went out on a couple dates, but we never kissed. At the end of the summer, we exchanged screennames and have talked ever since. In October, I sort of pushed him away because I liked this new kid, so I told him he would find someone. Things didn't work out for us, but by that time, the summer guy got a girlfriend. They have dated ever since. We still talk, but he never mentions his gf to me unless i ask him how things are going. He always says things are good, or "she keeps me happy," or "we'll see what happens." He says he can't wait for the summer, but at the same time he says he doesnt know what will happen with his gf this summer b/c he won't be seeing her much. He isn't a direct kinda guy. Is he hinting to me that he might want to see what happens with US this summer?


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Just my opinion, he is happy with his new girl, and just wants to keep his options open, just in case.


If he cheats on his girl, then he is no prize, if he remains faithful to her, then you lost a great guy due to you "pushing him away", if he never trusts you again, i wouldnt blame him. after all everything was "progressing" until you just happened to see a new kid.


I think he is lucky.

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