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Man guys cant shop

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I'm sure your curious of the title lol, see what I mean is Christmas is less than a month away and well I dont really have any idea of what to get my girlfriend, She's 13 and I'm 14 we've been dating 3 weeks and by the time christmas comes it'll be between 6-7 weeks and I'd like to get her something nice something she'll remember something she'll like and enjoy. I've been looking on the net and have had lil if any luck finding a gift. I dont have a ton of money but i could spend around 75-100 dollars give or take some money lol but thanks for reading this and I hope you have some ideas.



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Awww... don't spend that much money on her. Just get her a card or something simple. Your young, and she doesn't deserve anything that big... trust me. I would get her a card, and maybe a gift certificate so she could buy some CD's or something. Give her like 20 bucks or something... but I would suggest not getting her something in that 75-100 range... even if you think you love her. Trust me... not worth it



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