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I don't get the teasing part in a relationship?

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I just don't understand why in a relationship, SOME guy like to tease girl and why would girl likes to be teased? Does it make the guy feel better or does it make the relationship stronger when he tease the girl?


Like I know some friends of mine who are in a relationship and the guy always teases the girl even at parties or when they are together with a bunch of her friends. Sometimes I find it can really embarrase the girl but I just don't understand why some guys like to tease girl if he likes her? Would you like to be teased? Any thoughts on this one???

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Yep yep...had trouble with this one too. Although from what I can work out, friendly teasing is part of flirting. I think it shows that you like someone and are also comfortable with them in some weird way. It's meant to be taken in good humour and also as a challenge to see what the others response is back. I'm not in a relationship at the moment but numerous guys at work banter back and forward with me and we've just become very comfortable with each other through this. I guess it depends on the type of people too.


Although remember that negative teasing too often (even at all) shouldn't be acceptable. It's a major no-no!



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Well, I am going through the same problem at the moment. I'm not sure how to read it because some guys tease me and they have girlfriends, and some tease me and they are single.


But in your situation, or your friends', my guess is the guy is feeling insecure and doesn't know how to act when his friends are around and his gf is there too. So, he trys to be "cool" and teases her, so he won't look like a sap in front of his friends, or in public. I think guys have an issue with protecting their image.

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Teasing is a form of flirting for guys. I tease girls I'm interested in as well as when I have a girlfriend. For me, it's the way I am as a person & I feel comfortable around them. It is light, playful teasing. And girls usually do it with me as well. Nothing mean or really hurtful should be said, but once in a while something like this happens. If it does then an apology has to be made. If it is continuous negativety, then it should be addressed.


I never say anything that is downright negative to a girl, unless I want her to get lost & she hasn't really gotten my message. If you or someone does not like to be teased or it bothers you, then say something about it. I had a gf once that I always teased, even before we got serious. When we broke up down the road she said that it really hurt her. Don't know if that's entirely true, but in any event, she should have said something to me about it. I always tell my gf if she continuously does something that bothers me, or will eventually bother me. Honest and effective communication is key. Nobody is a mind reader. Plus, if you keep letting it happen, the other person is going to think that it is acceptable and keep doing it, when all the while it is just building up inside of you & then you can't stand them or just explode on them from all the hurt/anger. Of course I am going to react like "what the heck!" because I waas never informed of this bothering the other person. Be assertive and set up boundaries and limitations instead of "letting it go" continuosly until you act on it.

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