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1st time seeing ex in 5 months...

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It was bound to happen..last night, I saw my ex for the first time since she broke up with me about 5 months ago. And, to no big surprise, she was with a guy. I had been waiting for this moment for such a long time. I knew exactly what I wanted to say to her. I tapped her on the shoulder, and when she turned around and saw me, her eyes lit up in disbelief and she said "Oh my god, how are you?" I said hi, turned around and walked away. The girl I'm kinda seeing came back to our table, I said I was uncomfortable, so we packed up our stuff and left..I did not say goodbye.


Why can't I let go of this girl? I know time heals all wounds, but last night was a clear sign that I'm still not over her. I honestly think that I'm fairly decent, smart good-looking guy with alot to offer. But when I saw her last night, all I could think about was how I simply wasn't good enough for her...but this pudgy balding schmo with a bad flannel shirt is. Grrrrr....I wish I could just be normal again.


Thanks for letting me rant....any replies would be greatly appreciated.

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its only normal. Just cause we're guys doesnt mean we cant be emotionaly attached to our exes. All the *big bad guys that never cry* you see in movies rarely ever happen in real life.


and you dont have to *get over her*. She was a big part of your life at one time and theres not reason to try to forget her because thatd pretty much mean you have to forget your own past.

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Thanks for the reply...its always nice to know someone is listening That being said, I'd like to let off a little more steam.


When I saw her last night, it had been the 1st time I had seen her in roughly 5 months. Back then, the last thing she said to me as I left OUR place was "can i have a hug". This made me so furious!! Throuought the breakup, I've always had the sense that she simply didn't understand what she was putting me through. All that was important to her was that she got me out of the picture as soon as possible. So when I saw her last night, she had that exact same "nothing is wrong" smug look on her face. It's almost as though she's trying to paint some sort of happy picture between us. It was this exact reason why I wasn't civil or cheerful around her. I am not going to play into her game where everything is just peachy, cause for me..it isn't. I feel this person put me through unnecessary heartache, and I want to remind her of that. I have no interest in being her friend, since she had no interest in treating me as friend when she left me.


It really sucks when you know your better off without a person, but still feel the need to bore others with every little detail of how crappy your ex is making you feel.


Thanks for listening.

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I am going through the same thing dude. My ex I have'nt seen in 8 months but she's dating a supposed 'friend' of mine. I broke up with her so I dunno if she feels the same way, but she's got a convenient way of hiding her feelings from me. They were my friends first, and I want them back so I'm gonna have to suck it up for awhile... so I dont know what's going to happen.

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