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cananyone help me out with my nutty DREAMS LONG but plz HelP

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Eversince going to my goodfriend who passed away funeral and the viewing just was really hard for me to look at...It didnt look like him one bit...


At night i always pray to the lord to send a message to him saying how much i miss him and i hope hes happy where ever he is!...


I have NIghtmared...The first one occurred a couple days after...It was abou tthe who CAlifornia getting wiped out by a tidal wave...


This recent ones they have been kind of real similar...First one's


Im at my house and my dads telling me to watch out and not to p*** off the spirtits and ghost. i didnt really get this dream and its really hard to remember...


Im at school and its weird because i have like a whole BIIIG group of friends when in reality i have like a LIttle clique. This chick i really don't like is being sassy with me so i let her have it , but i dont win she some how beats the BEEEP out of me. After all this i see a friend from my younger years and shes grown up... I walk away from her when i see the girl that beat me up or w/e....so im with a wh ole group of friends again and we are at a water park...I cant explain it but we become lost in a maze kindof thing but it a real persons house. Its phycdelic for sure...Im all stoked but then all the sudden im with nofriends at the very end im hiding poorly i get caught and run. The man vanishes.These dreams keep coming where i see someone from my past and their living in my city now, it might just mean i miss my hometown.


This recent one im at my bestfriends house and her sister tells me to go into her daughter's room to see if i think its haunted or if anythings out of the ordinary. I did that and it was like i was being sucked in by something and it was really really cold. After that i was flirting hardcore with my bestfriends brother WHO at times i want to be more than justf riends with. In the dream im really seductive and coming on pretty strong. He writes me a letter and askes me out. I say yes without seconde thoughs and then where in his room on the bed and i decide i want to kiss and Well do a little four play so i start giving him a hand job and then i work myself down , but in hesitation on somebody might walk in. All the sudden the Parakeet bird next to his bed says


KEEp going or im going to make something fall. And i didn't keep going and something big fell from inside the kitchen and it hit the lady that was getting ready for church..real old. By this time im freaking out , but i continue to pleasure my NEW BOyfriend. My friend is all the sudden upset because by now she knows whats going on. Her brother has a rough past and really he is still doing all the bad drugs and stuff...SHe was telling me "how could you" and her hand turns into a cat claw and claws through the cage at the parakeet bird. crying and stuff. SO i decide to just stay and comfort her. The dream gets a little hazy because her whole family seems to hate me.or something. And where goin to church. Me and Her Brother aren't sitting next to eachother , but it turns really COnfusing at this point>....weird HUH?

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Well I see two things here that your subconscious is trying to tell you, but they both work in together. You are not comfortable around people, and are afraid of rejection. In the first dream, you were with a big group of people because that is how you wuld like it to be in real life, but it turns into a disaster. I think that is because unconsciously you are positive that this is what will happen if you tried to branch out in the real world. I think you may have a tendency to sabotage things that are seemingly going well so that you can make it fail before it happens on its own. Its a control thing. Do you ask yourself why bad things always happen to you a lot? The second dream tells me that your first experience with sex was probably not ideal. You see sex as something that is necessary for guys to like you. If a guy expresses interest, you feel like you must have some sort of physical contact with him ASAP, even if he didnt say anything about sex. You are afraid that if you dont, no one will EVER like you. Your friend dying, even though it was not something you could prevent, was more reinforcement that people around you leave. Am I on the mark on any of it? I'll wait until you tell me how close I am before I try to give any advice.

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