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making weird hints


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there is this girl at school, i see her every day at lunch. about a month and a half ago, she started acting like she likes me. for example, i walk by here, she touches me and says that i am hot. then her friend asked me if i would go out with her friend. i told her maybe. there was a school dance about 2 weeks down the road from when this started. for the next days leading up to the dance, she would always say hi or some thing. i waited for her to ask me to the dance again and she didn't. now the dance is here. i saw her walk by me, she knows my name because she asked me 3 days before, and she says hi eric. i said hi. through out the dance, she was always looking at me so at the last slow song, i asked her if she would like to dance with me. we slow danced. after that, she didn't really talk to me much. now the 2 days before thanksgiving, she starts making hints again mostly saying hi to me. we have a dance on friday this week. should i ask her out?

another thing, i was walking home one day and one girl that sits with these same girls, comes up to me and asks me if those girls were bothering me. i said no, and she told me that they were just picking on me. i said that all i knew was that one girl seems like she wanted to go out with me. this girls said that they were just picking on me.

what should i do.-?


sorry it was so long.

thanks :

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~ Hi ~

Well what I think you should do is ask her, in my opinion , if she didn't show you in a way that you could see it that she was making fun of you , you should take the chance. Plus the girl that told you this could have just liked you , and noticed that you were reconizing the other girl and made something up so you wouldn't ask her.

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I am not sure what grade you may be in.. but I am guessing middle or highschool -dances. When she says hi to you... is she usually with her friends. This is important, if she talks to you on her own, or says hi in passing and her friends aren't around, then yes.. I believe you should ask her out. If she is always with her friends, I think you should move with caution. Talk to her about the dance, proceed slowly... read her body language and expressions. Ask her indirectly if she is going to the dance, and how she is getting there. Maybe she would like to ride with you, or go out for dessert afterwards. And remember... to us girls.. the last dance is the one we remember the most.

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