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Dead bodies

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Has anyone here seen a dead human body and had trouble after seeing it. LIke for me, a couple of months ago i saw this guy who had been run over by a truck and he was lying there dead under the truck. I felt sickened, saddened, and shocked by what I saw. How do you deal with seeing a dead body? HOw to do you get over it?

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the only dead body i've ever seen was in a casket at a funeral home. it was really weird to see someone i knew lying in there... it's a strange feeling that i can't describe. i think it's normal for you to react to such a sight the way you did. this poor man hadn't been moved yet, so i can understand why seeing it would be a little shocking to you. i would think that if you're still feeling shocked about it, talk to someone, preferably a psychologist, but again i'm not really an expert on this kind of thing...

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I've seen a couple of dead bodies. The first one was my grandmother after she died (which took a lot out of me), and the second was a person on the side of the road who had been hit by a car. It wasn't easy, and I can still remember it like it was yesterday.


If you feel that you need some help dealing, then you have every right to see/ talk to someone about it. It can't hurt, right?

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