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Yep...another poem. shorter this time though ;)


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It's oh-so-poetic

Another day's cliché

Yet here I stand pathetic

I just can't turn away


It's oh-so-glittered

Another batch of beautiful mistakes

Yet here I stand littered

With the sparkle that it makes


It's oh-so-appealing

Another jeweled and jagged lie

Yet here I stand without concealing

That its glow has caught my eye


It's oh-so-convincing

Another chance to fail again

Yet here I stand unwincing

Resolved to take it in


It's oh-so-wordy

But the point I mean to rise:

Pain rarely comes undecorated

Yet here I stand and celebrate it


…Transfixed by its disguise…


My friend,

Be not so seduced

As undoubtedly am I


(My apologies for posting yet another poem currently lacking a title. As always, suggestions for a title are welcome. Especially Mr Mister1 whom was a great help last time than that...feel free to comment/criticize. Thanks to all.)

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Like under, I liked the repitition of the "oh-so" as well. I thought this was a really good poem.


Sorry, I can't think of a title either. The only thing I could think of that you could call it is "Oh-So". I don't know if thats what you are looking for though.


Keep sharing your poems. THey are very fun and interesting to read.

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