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Is it normal to have stomach cramps/pains after orgasming?

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I used to get cramps after having sex (and having an orgasm) when I was pregnant. My uterus would go through "mock contractions" - wasnt' super painful more discomforting. I couldn't tell from your member name that you're female, but I'm assuming you are. Maybe your uterus is having pretend contractions. (I assume your not pregant?) Did you recently go on a birth control? That could be affecting things. Its probably nothing, but maybe this is something to mention to your doctor the next time you have an exam.

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I dont know what causes it and I dont know if its a "normal" thing to occur after masturbation, but I too have experienced it. I have been on the birth control shot Depo provera for 5-6 years and have talked to the nurse that gives me the shot. She didnt seem too concerned about the cramping, but it does worry me a bit. If you find any answers to our common question, please reply. Thanks Eesh

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